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Job Search

Okay, gang, I need help finding a job. 

 My shiny new degree is in Education Policy and Social Foundations; I can research and write about education policy. I can teach, administer, or develop courses for adult learning, including online learning. I enjoy public speaking, and can teach absolutely anything I've had time to learn.   I can train teachers, including teaching them how to give courses online. I'm really good at organization, logical flow, clear and concise speaking and writing, thorough research, perceptive analysis, writing, and facilitating and developing rapport with groups. Do you know anyone you think I should meet, or who should really see my resume?

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Names, part umpteenth

Frankly,  I'm hoping to provoke some response with this one.  I'm leaving it open to the public, so play nice, y'all, or I'll shut it back down and probably tell on you.

 Let's talk about choosing your own name.  You were given one at birth.  Presumably your parents put some amount of thought and care into it, and the relatives probably had things to say about it.  Along the way you decide it just ain't you - they missed you by a mile - and you decide to go by something else entirely.  Let's ignore cruel nicknames, baby pet names your family can't let drop, calling adult men Billy and Timmy, and let's talk about the conscious, often legal decision to change your name, publicly, everywhere, for everything you do.

I knew a couple who combined their names when they married - Smith married Gray and they became the Graysmiths.  When they divorced, they both went back to their original last names, but started using their given middle names for first names.  They both ended up using names whose parts were on their birth certificates, but which were completely different from anything either of them had ever been known by before.  For both it was an effective, complete character change without bringing in elements not in their original family names.

I've seen several women who, on divorcing, want to change their last names, but... they didn't like their parents much, and they don't want to keep their spouse's name, so they hunt their family tree for a new last name.  They pick someone they like better, or might have liked better, than their parents.  It can be baffling for their friends, as it's often a name none of their friends are familiar with.

And then there are the spiritually-driven folks who choose a new name altogether, one often not in their native language.  I have a hard time taking these seriously.  Jane Smith legally becomes Raven Deep Spring Moonwalker.  Riiiiiiggghhhttt.  Seems to me a spiritual name isn't the kind of thing you trample in everyday mud.  I find it marginally easier to swallow when the name has been given to them, rather than having them make it up themselves, but still - how unresolved must their family issues be?  Or their issues with themselves?

At some point I want people to be at peace with what they come from.  God knows it was a process for me.  That said, some names are just ugly-sounding, or really aren't good names for the person they grew into.    Names have to fit.  It's why so many people go through multiple persona names in historical enactment - you go until you find one that sticks, that suits you, that we all find easy to use to mean you.  Something that expresses who you are, not who you wish you could have been, or who you want other people to see you as.  News flash:  names aren't glamourie - if you're not at heart a pale princess who belongs in a tower, no amount of naming yourself Lorelei or Rosalinda is going to help.  Sometimes it's loads easier if someone just tags you with the right name...but that's another topic. 

I went to high school with a Candi Fudge and a Newton Isaacs - no, really, I did.  Moon Unit and Dweezl Zappa have my complete blessing to get new names when they're of age, and dunk their deluded dad's head in a vat of stale ale while they're at it.  Some names got to change.  I got a name that formed me to a great extent - it formed this megalithic wall that I beat myself against until I understood it.  Whatever else is true, I know what I come from.  It ain't rich, famous or powerful, but I know who my ancestors were.  So I view changed names, especially really fanciful ones, with some distrust.  At the same time, I've seen any number of enactors find a name that suits them down to the ground, how did they ever get called anything else, so they began to use them in every day life - so parents don't always get it right the first time.

Maybe we need to be formally given new names at puberty, or at 18?

C'mon, all you name-changeders, talk to me.  Why'd ya do it?  How's it working for you?
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What's the truth to this?

A web designer chum says that as far as he knows, a black screen consumes as much energy as a white one - it's still pixels turned on.  Anybody got any comments on this?

Energy Saving Google Screen: If Google had a black screen, taking in
account the huge number of page views, according to calculations, 750
mega watts/hour per year would be saved.

In response Google created a black version of its search engine, called
Blackle, with the exact same functions as the white version, but
obviously with lower energy consumption. Bookmark it today and pass it
http://www.blackle. com

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Surgery update

Well, the good news is that I don't have a screw loose.  I have a screw missing entirely, but that's not the problem.  We aren't sure what is.  We cut the immediate problem out and are hoping my superb healing abilities take over and establish normalcy.  And that my surgeon gives me the go-ahead to leave for Pennsic next week.  I foresee warm salt rinses in camp.

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Seeking the Screw

(Anybody can get that kind).

Surgery scheduled next week, I start antibiotics tomorrow.  We're going after what may or may not be a loose screw.  Mind you, the whole reason it's there at all is 'cause they couldn't get it out last time.  Sheared the head right off.

There used to be three of them, screws that wouldn't come out.  Only two show up on x-rays now.  Where'd the third one go?

And of course, if this rather painful swelling is not caused by the screw...
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Screw loose

I have a screw loose in my head.  Literally.  One of the surgical screws seems to be working its way out.  It's rather  strangely painful.  I'm trying to find out whether it will come all the way out, whether it should be coming out.,what it might be taking with it..the heads have been sheared off by the surgeon, who waited too long to try to take them out (I told him so, but do they ever listen?), so it's not like the surgeon can just tighten it back up.  Goes with the batch of shingles on my arm, where I've never had them before.   Not Good.

My data - I have my data!  Had a heeeedeous hard drive crash with backup failure about a month ago.  It's taken me this long to get this far.  I'll have my desktop up and running soon, and let's face it, it's much more comfortable to use than my laptop, though I'm grateful for it.  in the mean time I have a backup disk and all my data, yippeeeeeee!!! <dancing on chair>

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l am offline until I get my computer fixed, which may be tonight or may be next week.  We'll see if a repair install will work or if my gut is right and I need a new motherboard...
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